Nitzer Ebb 2022

Nitzer Ebb’s electrifying performance at the Mayan Theater on the second and final night of COLD WAVES X LA was enhanced by a covert fan action by Los Angeles artist Jeff Gauntt, bringing performer and audience together in riotous fun.

Four unique linocut prints of key words from the song “Join in the Chant” were created and distributed free of charge to attendees at the September 30, 2022 performance. The prints were raised up by the audience members during the performance of the iconic “Join in the Chant.”

September 30, 2022 prints.

These four images were printed as an open edition on 100lb acid-free Bristol paper, and were unsigned and stamped on the verso with the performance information.

Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb with Jeff Gauntt after the show.
Printing process.
The signs in action.

To celebrate this singular event, Gauntt is offering sets of six individual prints of “Join in the Chant” lyrics — four using the original FIRE, GOLD, GUNS and LIES linoleum plates from the show, in addition to new cuts for JUDGE and BOOKS.

These sets, hand-printed by the artist and each naturally unique due to their individual creation, will be in black and a That Total Age-worthy blood red on acid-free archival paper. They will be signed and are in a limited, numbered edition of 50.

Each print measures 9 x 12 inches, with allowance for as much as a quarter-inch less on the 12″ measurement due to necessary cutting in the production process. The pieces will be as the images here depict: A center image with rough black border by the artist, plus additional paper around that frame.

The price of each set is $260, plus $20 to cover tax and shipping, for a total of $280. The prints will be packed by a professional art handler into USPS Priority Mail boxes with a tracking number provided to the buyer.

To purchase, please send $280 per set via PayPal ( or Venmo (Jeff-Gauntt). Include your name, shipping address, and email. A confirmation will be promptly sent via email with additional information.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please send an email with your address to directly, and any adjustment in postage, if necessary, will be determined.

(Still working on world domination? A single print of a two-color linocut of your choice can be purchased for $50, plus $20 tax and shipping, for a total of $70. These prints will be signed, but not numbered. Use the payment and information above, and include which print you’re purchasing.)

Any questions can be sent directly to the artist’s studio at